1: 16th March.2007, Xinxin Copper Industrial Co.,Ltd ( Nbplumbing)
Approved ISO9001 Certification.
Exposure of the public to lead has been health concern for many years in Developed Country. Lead is a heavy metal tat accumulates in blood and other tissues over time.Large amounts of lead in the human body ultimately result in decay of the nerous system. As a manufactuer, We should shoulder our responsibility to develop New Productsand with more environmentally Compatible. In 2006, We are developing no Lead bronze ( lead Free Bronze) according to C89844 products in our Factory. 

1.Material: C89844
(1.) No Lead Bronze Flange,  1'', 11/4'',11/2'',2''
(2.) No Lead Bronze Water meter Coupling: 1/2'', 3/4''
(3.) No Leard Bronze Ferrule:
3/4'', 1'',11/4'',11/2'',3'',4''
(4.) Lead Free bronze Elbow Coupling: 1/2'',3/4'',1''
3. Casting Way: Silicon Casting, Sand Casting
4. Thread: NPT, NPSF
5. In the Future Two Months, More No Lead Bronze   
Plumbing Products Will be available

No Lead Bronze Casting
( Lead Free Bronze Casting)