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China Ningbo Integrity Technical Products Co.,Ltd. has grown to be one of main supplier of plumbing products, regulator body, aluminum bronze part in China which included 3 subordinate factories. Nowadays, It have involved in the fields of brass forged, brass die casting, brass investment casting, bronze sand casting, all gravity casting ect. The products, regulator body, aluminum bronze part widely used in water and plumbing system are well recognized in Germany, USA, Canada, Greece, UK, Spain, Italy and other land with competitive price, quality products, and considerate service. We will continuously seek to improve its' worth to customers. Please contact us today to know more details about what we can bring for your sourcing operation.
ITF800 Series are all OEM Design. Which Cover Alluminum bronze Auto Parts, Brass Ragulator and Part. Hydraulic hose coupling,Bronze Balance Valve Body.
Material: Alluminum Bronze, C37700, Gunmetal BS1400LG2.
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